Quick Security check

The purpose of this page is to provide a link from unckydave.com, so its easier to remember if you forget. However, I don't want the links to be visible to web crawlers or unknown people who happen upon the Unckydave.com page. Just to make sure you are part of the family, I will ask a couple 'family knowledge' questions.

Once you know the blog address, you can bypass this check and go there directly. So if you find an interesting entry in the blog for instance, you can send its direct address as a link to a friend, and they won't need family knowledge to follow the link. This security only affects getting to the protected pages via the unckydave home page. As always once you get to the blogs, you'll need to login to enter a post or submit a comment and have it show up right away. Comments submitted by readers not logged in are held for review (by me, Uncky Dave).

So please answer the following queries to follow the link.

Pick a VALID family person, and enter their Month and Day of Birth:

Now match the Number with the Family related street or item