Dave at Elvis House
Family Picture above Birthplace
Bedroom in Elvis House
Bedroom Corner
Kitchen in Elvis House
Full house.
Sign for house
Front porch
Statue of Elvis
Chapel at Elvis House
View out Chapel Window
House from a distance
Fountain of Life
Closeup of Foutain Backsplash
LittleGuy and Baja at Elvis House
Furthest Point Shot.
Natchez Trace Trail Sign
Remnents of old trail
Current Trail
Driving the Trace
Swamp Trail
Flowers in Swamp
True Swampland
Loess Bluff Campsite
Vicksburg Miliary Park
Cannons on the hill
Union Cannons at the ready
Floor of Illinois Dome Memorial
Another State Monument
Man on Horse Statue
Ulysses Sam Grant Statue
Three Soldires Statue
View from Supply tunnel
Supply Tunnel
Restore Gunboat Cairo
Front Canons- Pot Iron Shield
Port Side Cannons
Paddle Wheel inside the shielding

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